Read more about our recent response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

International Medical Corps has established two Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) in Liberia to fight the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. One is located in Bong County and the other is located in Margibi County.

Country History:

Liberia was founded by freed American and Caribbean slaves and is considered Africa’s oldest republic. However, Liberia appeared on the world stage in the 1990s from a decade’s long civil war that killed 250,000 people. The dictator, Charles Taylor stepped down and was exiled to Nigeria. Free elections took place in 2005; however, the country is still rife with corruption, unemployment and illiteracy. Since emerging from civil war, Liberia is in the process of rebuilding its shattered infrastructure. It is estimated that 80 percent of Liberia’s three million citizens live below the poverty line. Refugees who have returned to Liberia have found it difficult to earn their livelihoods in their home country, as 85 percent of the population is unemployed. The war left the country in economic ruin and the capital is still without mains electricity and running water.

International Medical Corps in Liberia:

International Medical Corps began work in Liberia in the post-war recovery period and focused its efforts on strengthening the county health systems by working alongside community, county, national and international partners to provide primary and secondary health care, maternal and child care, expanded immunizations, health and hygiene promotion, malaria prevention, nutritional screening and feeding, GBV and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.