The fighting between armed groups and government forces in eastern Ukraine has led to the displacement of almost 2 million individuals in the country since 2014, while over 1.1 million Ukrainians have registered as refugees in bordering countries.

International Medical Corps is working with local partners in order to improve well-being among conflict affected populations and promote mental health. We are providing healthcare services, helping the vulnerable find shelter during the brutal winters they will face, and leading child protection activities in the rural areas - including frontline villages in the south of Donetsk region, an area still experiencing shelling and small arms fire.

International Medical Corps is working with local partner organizations to provide appropriate mental health and psychosocial support programs to those in greatest need. In 2016 alone our teams helped hundreds of people, with many more set to receive lifesaving support in the coming months. We work to build awareness around mental health, working with a local media organization to create radio programs which reduce stigma and negative preconceptions around mental health in the country. Other projects include partnering with local academic institutions to train social workers and volunteers.

The conflict has destroyed the livelihoods that many families rely on and approximately 600,000 people are in need of shelter. As winter approaches the needs of these most vulnerable people increase even further. International Medical Corps is working to address the acute needs of the affected population during harsh weather through the distribution of essential items such as heaters, blankets and coal while also providing those forced from their homes with cash grants that can be used for winter clothing, rent and weather-proofing the premises they currently reside in.

To support children residing in areas affected by conflict, International Medical Corps and its partners create safe spaces that promote well-being and social and emotional development through recreational learning activities.

International Medical Corps provides gender based violence prevention and response activities for women and girls living close to the line of contact. Our activities provide women with opportunities to engage in recreational activities, learn about the dynamics of gender based violence, share approaches to address such issues and share their concerns in a safe environment. Our social workers provide both one on one counseling to survivors of gender based violence and onward referrals to other health and support services.


  • Population


  • age

    Median Age
    40.4 Years

  • life

    Life Expectancy
    71.8 Years

  • life

    Fertility Rate
    1.54 children born/woman

  • Infant Mortality Rate

    Infant Mortality Rate
    8 deaths/1,000 live births


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