Press Release

“A Thousand Words: Photos from the Field” – A stunning photography book chronicling International Medical Corps’ 25-year history

International Medical Corps and Three Hawks Press announce the release of “A Thousand Words: Photos from the Field”, a stunning coffee table photography book documenting the humanitarian crises to which we have responded in the last quarter century.

Written and edited by Stacy Twilley and with a Foreword by CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour, “A Thousand Words: Photos from the Field” chronicles a life-saving humanitarian response to war, natural disaster and other crises around the world. A visual journey across 21 countries from Afghanistan and Iraq to Somalia and Rwanda, the photographs trace the paths from war, genocide, conflict, and devastation, to compassion, healing, resilience, and hope.

The book’s award-winning images selected by renowned Los Angeles museum curators and noted collectors including Mario Testino, Richard Gere, and Anjelica Huston, show International Medical Corps’ long-term commitment to healing, to training and to restoring dignity and self-reliance in more than 50 countries around the globe.

“I first became aware of the extraordinary work International Medical Corps was doing -after the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004,” Twilley said. “I started volunteering with International Medical Corps and that’s when I discovered their archive of more than 10,000 photographs. The images were extraordinary. Some were taken by famous photographers and others by aid workers in the midst of crisis. I realized that I had stumbled onto an unprecedented account of history. I knew that more people needed to see these photos to understand the tremendously important work International Medical Corps was doing.”

A Thousand Words: Photos from the Field” was more than two years in the making. Those involved worked on a pro bono basis – donating their time, talent, photographs, and in some cases, dollars. “I think the result is an incredibly compassionate and remarkably moving photography book that raises awareness for an organization we passionately believe in,” said Twilley.

While the images captured in “A Thousand Words: Photos from the Field” reveal the devastation of war, famine and natural disaster, they also are a testament to the power of compassion, strength and innovation in helping those most vulnerable recover from crisis and rebuild their lives.

“I have witnessed some of our generation’s worst human tragedies – and the remarkable resilience of the human spirit,” said Nancy Aossey, President & CEO of International Medical Corps. “Each photograph in this book is a profound reminder of the incredible journey of International Medical Corps, and the exceptional efforts of our colleagues who have cared for hundreds of millions of people in these fragile, often dangerous environments.”

A Thousand Words: Photos from the Field” is available on Amazon and makes thoughtful gift for all friends and family, photographers and historians, and all those with a compassionate humanitarian spirit.  Order a copy of the book today.

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