Press Release

AmeriCares Delivers Aid to International Medical Corps

AmeriCares, a nonprofit international relief organization, is delivering two shipments of medicines and medical supplies valued at over $800,000 to its partner, International Medical Corps, to help restore health and save the lives of people seeking safety from the ongoing violence in the region. The medical aid will help International Medical Corps provide routine doctor visits, immunizations, maternity care, children’s health services and emergency surgeries at camp clinics set up for people displaced from Darfur, Sudan.

“I have seen first-hand the impact humanitarian aid organizations have in the lives of the innocent victims of the ongoing conflict in Darfur,” said Curt Welling, AmeriCares President & CEO, who has led the delivery of aid to the region since 2004. “Protecting the world’s most vulnerable people is at the very heart of what AmeriCares does, and together with International Medical Corps we are able to help restore health for thousands of people, who through no fault of their own, are displaced from their homes and communities.”

AmeriCares and International Medical Corps are continuing their commitment to increasing access to medicines in every region of the world, including Sudan and neighboring Chad. The latest shipment will help people suffering from acute infections, injuries, chronic diseases, post-traumatic stress, as well as provide pre-natal vitamins for pregnant women. An earlier delivery of medicines and supplies in March has already helped over 65,000 patients.

“We are extremely grateful to be partnering once again with AmeriCares in delivering critically needed medicines and supplies to those who need it most,” said Nancy Aossey, President & CEO of International Medical Corps, which has been operating in the region since 2004. “AmeriCares’ unwavering support has allowed us to ensure that thousands of men, women and children devastated by conflict have the hope of healing and of someday reclaiming their lives.”

AmeriCares has partnered with International Medical Corps over the last two years to provide donated medicines for their health programs serving refugees and other vulnerable populations in Chad, Cameroon, Kenya, Liberia, Lebanon and Iraq. In Chad, International Medical Corps currently serves a population of nearly 225,000, including approximately 75,000 refugees, and provides primary care in camps, as well as other health services in hospitals and training for health care workers.

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