Press Release

International Medical Corps Launches Second Continuing Medical Education Conference in Collaboration With The Haitian Medical Sector

International Medical Corps, in partnership with the Haitian Medical Association, is launching its second Continuing Medical Education (CME) session for local health professionals in collaboration with the Haitian Ministry of Health and Population (MSPP) and the Haitian College of Cardiology. Hosted at the Karibe Hotel in Port-au-Prince April 28-30, the program brings together physicians and specialty society professionals to provide dedicated and practical training on the most up-to-date medical practices and information in the area of cardiology.

The CME program aims to build capacity within the Haitian health sector through training courses for Haitian medical professionals. This week’s  program will focus on cardiovascular diseases and will target a variety of Haitian health professionals, including general practitioners, internists, pediatricians, and obstetricians. The course will give attendees practical and theoretical knowledge on how to prevent and treat heart diseases, among other critical areas of medical practice.

“This is all in effort to build professional competences of Haitian professionals and further decrease reliance on foreign physicians and allied health care professionals,” says Agron Ferati, International Medical Corps Country Director in Haiti.

Cardiology is the second topic selected by MSPP for a continuing education course. The first session, which was held in the fall of 2010, focused on emergency obstetrics.

Since its arrival in Haiti 22 hours after the earthquake, International Medical Corps has demonstrated its capacity to deliver immediate relief, while working with local health and ministry officials on long-term, sustainable development. The organization prioritizes education at all levels, from community health workers to advanced health professionals. During this continuing medical training to be delivered in several modules, International Medical Corps aims to contribute to the reduction of all risks factors related to cardiovascular diseases in Haiti.

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