Press Release

International Medical Corps Team in Democratic Republic of Congo Prepares for Possible Election-related Violence

International Medical Corps’ team in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is preparing to respond if violence breaks out following the presidential elections. There are fears there could be hostilities as a result of the confirmation of Joseph Kabila as the winner of the election by the country’s electoral commission.

International Medical Corps has prepared to deploy an Emergency Response Team to deliver emergency health services in Kinshasa and other parts of DRC in the event of an outbreak of violence. The organization has worked in DRC since 1999 to provide health care and training services, nutrition, food security, sexual and gender-based violence prevention and treatment, and water/sanitation services.  In September 2010, International Medical Corps deployed an Emergency Response Team to eastern DRC in the wake of an incident of mass sexual violence perpetrated by armed groups on hundreds of women in the remote village of Luvungi. The team provided medical and psychosocial care for survivors and transferred severe cases to local health centers.

International Medical Corps supports 67 health facilities in the DRC, including in North Kivu and South Kivu provinces. In total, the organization has served more than two million people in DRC, 80 percent of them displaced by war.

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