Mobile and Static Clinics in Underserved Areas

A pressing emergency need is to bring health care to underserved areas throughout Haiti. International Medical Corps has been operating 15 mobile medical units throughout Port-au-Prince and the surrounding regions. Services, including emergency, primary and mental health care, maternal and child health, immunization and communicable disease surveillance, and health education, are provided through a combination of both static and mobile medical clinics.

Mobile sites are referring the severely malnourished to Stabilization Centers where they can receive fortified food and specialized medical care. Our assessment teams have identified local health care workers already working in existing clinics that need additional support.  We are supplementing existing, very limited services with additional personnel, supplies and medicines.
International Medical Corps is working with local health care providers to train clinical medical professionals and community health workers to fill the gaps left from the death and displacement of health workers, as well as the damage of health infrastructure.
Since the beginning of the crisis we have served approximately 85,000 patients through our mobile clinics.