Our Refugee Response in Central African Republic

Central African Republic (CAR) hosts Sudanese refugees from Darfur as well as refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo. After decades of ethnic clashes and instability, CAR also holds close to 200,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs). As one of the few international NGO's in the region, International Medical Corps’ interventions are critical to the health and wellbeing of refugees and IDPs.

We currently support 10 primary health facilities in CAR and provide comprehensive services in three northeastern provinces. International Medical Corps provides curative and preventive consultations, maternal and child health care, child protection, therapeutic and supplementary nutrition services, HIV/AIDS prevention, health education, gender-based violence prevention and response, and hygiene promotion to refugees, IDPs, and host communities in CAR. Since 2007, we have also provided assistance and protection to Darfurian refugees living in Sam Ouandja, approximately half of whom were transferred to Bambari town due to conflicts with local armed groups.

In addition, International Medical Corps works with refugees from CAR in Cameroon’s Adamaoua and Eastern Provinces, where more than 80,000 refugees currently live.

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