Our Chad Refugee Response

According to the International Organization for Migration, Chad currently hosts nearly 300,000 refugees in 17 refugee camps and 160,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Eastern and Southern parts of the country. To reduce the strain on vulnerable refugee populations, International Medical Corps reaches an estimated 72,000 Darfurians—approximately 25 percent of the total refugee population—and 200,000 Chadians through its critical health care in refugee camps and IDP settlements. Through health centers, mobile clinics, and hospitals, International Medical Corps provides services that include: primary health care, secondary health care, maternal and child care, expanded immunization, nutritional screening and therapeutic and supplemental feeding, health promotion, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, and sexual and gender-based violence and prevention.

In addition, we rehabilitated a hospital in Guereda to bring secondary medical services to International Medical Corps-supported refugee camps. A second hospital, Am Dam, also offers secondary care, and International Medical Corps supplies medicine, equipment, and personnel to help support its services. At Gaga Refugee Camp in Eastern Chad, we were able to avert a potentially fatal malaria outbreak among the 19,000 residents by quickly implementing a large-scale vaccination program.

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