International Medical Corps' focus on women and children flows from two simple realities: women and children account for four of every five refugees in the world and their well-being is recognized as the key ingredient to promoting health, building stable, confident, self-reliant communities, and eradicating global poverty. 

We  are especially proud of our recent accomplishments that included:
  • reviving a hospital in West Darfur - including additions of an operating room, delivery room, a pediatric ward, and laboratory - to serve as the sole source of health care for over 120,000 internally displaced Darfurians. The new facility has increased health access as those with obstetric emergencies must no longer endure a 100-mile journey over dangerous roads to reach medical help;
  • receiving recognition from Afghanistan's Community Midwifery Education Accreditation Board for our community midwifery education training of midwives in Afghanistan's Khost Province.  We were also awarded a certificate of achievement from the United States Agency for International Development for our successful implementation of midwifery trainings in the country;
  • supporting a new county health center and a surrounding network of community-based health clinics and village health committees that we helped establish in Lofa County, Liberia. This area's already-fragile health care infrastructure had been overwhelmed by refugees returning after two decades of civil war.  Collectively, the new health center - the country's largest - and the network it supports have dramatically improved maternal and child health care through linkages that run from each household in some 80 villages, to village health committees, all the way up to the health center itself;
  • implementing locally based services, including counseling, testing, and nutritional support to ease the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and their families in Nairobi's Kibera slum and in the eastern district of Suba near Lake Victoria.