A Beacon of Optimism and Resilience Shines in Dark Times

Inside Yemen’s Tragedy: Firsthand reporting from the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

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Vanessa’s Story

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a small Caribbean island nation roughly one quarter the size of Rhode Island with a population half that of Dayton, OH. On Sept. 18, 2017, Dominica was hit by Hurricane Maria, with 160 mph-plus winds and severe rainfall. Thirty-one people were reported dead and another 37 were reported missing. Maria’s …

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Dominica: Devastated by Hurricane Maria, but Determined to Rebuild

Not a corner of the tiny Caribbean nation of Dominica was spared the wrath of Hurricane Maria, which ripped across the island as a Category 5 storm on September 18th with 160 mph winds. One-hundred percent of Dominica’s residents have been affected by Hurricane Maria, which inflicted serious damage on roads, buildings, homes, and health …

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