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ConocoPhillips Provides Critical Support to International Medical Corps In Addressing Shortage of Nurses in Libya

At a time when a shortage of nurses in Libya represents one of the country’s biggest medical challenges, ConocoPhillips has made a generous $500,000 contribution to International Medical Corps to improve and expand Libya’s nursing capabilities. As one of the first international NGOs to arrive in Libya following the outbreak of violence in February 2011, International Medical Corps deployed more than 250 medical professionals throughout the country to provide lifesaving medical assistance and training. This included highly trained nurses serving on the frontlines of conflict to provide emergency health care alongside Libyan doctors. ConocoPhillips’ support will enable International Medical Corps to continue and expand its work to alleviate Libya’s nursing shortage by building the capacity of local nursing personnel and improving the quality of nursing services.

Although the most acute phase of Libya’s conflict has subsided, staffing shortages still seriously hinder reconstruction efforts. Libya’s health care system deteriorated significantly over the past several months as clashes between the military and rebel militias increased the need for urgent health care, while simultaneously causing the departure of thousands of foreign health care professionals. To fill critical gaps, International Medical Corps teams on the ground have supported 78 health facilities, performed 68,800 medical consultations and surgeries , deployed 267 medical personnel, including 111 surgeons and 151 nurses, trained 2,426 people, and dispersed $17.2million donated medicines and medical supplies from in-kind partners.

Thanks to ConocoPhillips, International Medical Corps can continue supporting the delivery of basic lifesaving services in Libya, while training and building the capacity of Libyan health professionals and strengthening Libya’s health care system. International Medical Corps’ Libya Nursing Development Project seeks to fill nursing positions, increase the coverage and diversity of recruits, and provide on-the-job training for nurses with the aim of restoring Libya’s self-reliance. ConocoPhillips’ contribution will support several hospitals in conflict-affected areas with severe nursing shortages, including in the Nafusa Mountains, Sirte, Bani Walid, Misurata, and Sabha.