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Emergency Response Teams Trained by International Medical Corps are First to Assist Families Impacted by Heavy Flooding in Afghanistan

On July 30, destructive rains flooded several houses in the Narang district of Kunar province in Afghanistan. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members trained by International Medical Corps and our local partner, HEWAD, were the first to respond in the communities that were hardest-hit by the floods.

Team captains mobilized different teams to the area to conduct activities that included: information gathering and communication; search and rescue; first aid; and rapid assessment. Amidst heavy rainfall, the CERT members made their way through the flood waters, carrying blankets, mattresses, and wheat sacks with their bare hands to the communities. The CERT members saved children confined in homes surrounded by heavy flood water using techniques they learned from International Medical Corps and HEWAD. One of the CERT members carried an injured child for over half a mile to the clinic, where the doctor saved the child’s life. In addition, International Medical Corps and HEWAD provided 74 non-food item kits to families affected by the flooding.

The district governor of Narang, local community leaders, and community members thanked International Medical Corps and HEWAD for providing training programs that have enabled them to respond to unexpected emergencies to protect their communities.

International Medical Corps’ Emergency Preparedness and Response program in Afghanistan is funded by the U.S. Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance.