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Facilitating Healthier Communities, One Meal at a Time

In the isolated, drought-prone Samburu district of central Kenya women often walk miles in search of water, and growing fruits and vegetables is a challenging if not impossible task. In this environment, providing nutritious, balanced meals for children is extremely difficult.

International Medical Corps is working to ease this burden through our Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programs (BSFP). With operations in the Samburu North, Samburu East, Merti, and Isiolo districts, the programs provide take-home food rations for vulnerable families, as well as critically needed medical care. To date, we have reached more than 100,000 children under five years old, as well as their mothers, through our BSFP sites in this region.

One such beneficiary is Mary, who is now able to feed her 3-year-old son Ntaseni nutritious meals thanks to our local team’s efforts. A staple of the BSFP diet is Corn Soy Blend (CSB), a blended porridge rich in nutrients. In addition to supplying CSB for Ntaseni, International Medical Corps provided Mary with information about food preparation and nutrition to ensure that she is able to care for her son over the long-term.