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Helping Afghan Returnees through Livelihood and Literacy Project

In Afghanistan, International Medical Corps’ Livelihood and Literacy project aims to boost the earning power of rural returnees. The project provides vocational trainings and literacy education for people who previously fled their communities during the war and are now working to rebuild their lives. Based on a market survey conducted by the project team, returnees were placed in trainings for a variety of trades including tailoring, auto repair, embroidery, auto wiring, mobile phone repair, and carpentry.  The ultimate goal of the trainings is to provide trainees with valuable skills they can use to generate income for their families. Upon completing the trainings, International Medical Corps provides participants with toolkits they can use to get jobs and perform their work.

In August 2012, International Medical Corps held a “Toolkits Ceremony” attended by the Director of the Economic Department of Ningarhar, the Department of Social Welfare, Martyrs and Disabled and Dr. Rizwanullah, Project Manager for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.  Dr. Rizwanullah emphasized the impact International Medical Corps’ livelihoods project is making in uplifting local communities and the need to continue this vital programming.

The Assistant Director of the Department of Social Welfare, Martyrs and Disabled, Haji Kamal Ud Din congratulated the trainees on successfully completing the trainings and thanked International Medical Corps for creating job opportunities in very low income communities.  In addition, trainees were able to share their experiences at the ceremony on the trainings they completed with many asking that International Medical Corps continue to offer future programs.