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International Medical Corps Staff Members Awarded Scholarships to Fritz Institute’s Renowned Humanitarian Logistics Certification Program

The Fritz Institute has selected three International Medical Corps employees to receive scholarships for their award-winning Humanitarian Logistics Certification Program. The awardees are:

  • Remy Manirakiza, Burundi
  • Edwige Diane Fosso Tuete, Cameroon
  • Christopher Kibet Kerich, Kenya

In order to support the development of logistics and supply management skills for professionals working with lifesaving humanitarian organizations, the program features English and French language certification classes in humanitarian logistics as well as humanitarian medical logistics practices.

“This award is a fabulous external validation of our logistic staff and a wonderful investment in their personal growth and development,” says Jacqui Gavin, Deputy Global Logistics Manager of International Medical Corps. “Logistics provides the foundation from which we launch our teams to achieve amazing work in tough and challenging environments; such training and study strengthens that foundation, and is truly supportive of our desire to move from relief to self-reliance.”

Selected from an applicant pool of nearly 400 individuals, scholarship recipients were evaluated based on financial need, potential to support logistics improvements within their organization, and ability to positively affect the lives of beneficiaries.

Candidates were reviewed and chosen by a Peer Selection Committee comprised of students and graduates of the Certification Program. “My hope is that the knowledge and skills they gain from this program will be used to improve and better the humanitarian supply chain wherever they work for the ultimate benefit of the humanitarian aid beneficiaries,” said one committee member.

The Fritz Institute is a San Francisco based organization whose mission is to innovate solutions and facilitate the adoption of best practices for rapid and effective disaster response and recovery in communities around the world. For more information on the Fritz Institute and the Humanitarian Logistics Certification Program, visit fritzinstitute.org.