Annual Awards Celebration Goes Virtual 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event?

International Medical Corps’ Annual Awards Celebration takes place online on Thursday, October 15, 2020.


What time is the event?

The event broadcast will begin at 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time. However, at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time you will be able to access the webpage, view a bit of pre-show content, test your setup and settle in for a great show!


How can I watch the event?

You can watch the broadcast event live on either a computer (recommended), tablet or mobile device. Just go to, and use your name and email address to join the event.


Can I watch the event even if I didn’t RSVP ahead of time?

Yes! Simply visit, then enter your name and email address to join the event.


Will other people be able to see me?

No! You will not be on camera.


What if the broadcast isn’t playing?

First, make sure you’ve visited, and entered your name and email address. This will allow you to access the event.

On desktop browsers, the stream should play automatically. If the live broadcast does not auto-play, try refreshing the page or clicking the play button.

On mobile devices, you will need to hit the play button to start the stream.


What if the sound isn’t working?

Make sure the video player is not muted on the player interface. Some devices will automatically mute the video by default. Check to make sure the volume is turned up on the device you’re watching from. If you are using headphones, you may need to select your headphones from your device’s audio settings. If you’re still unable to hear the audio, try adjusting the volume within the video player.


Can I watch the event from my smart TV?

Yes! If your smart TV comes with a web browser, simply enter into the browser’s address bar. If your smart TV does not have a web browser, or if you are using an Apple TV, Roku or similar device attached to your TV, you can use YouTube to access the event. Simply open the YouTube application and search for “International Medical Corps Annual Awards Celebration.”


What if I have other technical difficulties or questions during the event?

Please contact


How can I donate to International Medical Corps?

During the event, you can text to pledge a donation following the onscreen instructions. If you’d rather donate online, click here. You also can mail a check to:

International Medical Corps – Gift Processing Center
File 2156
1801 W Olympic Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91199-2156

For other ways to give, please visit our website or click here.


What if I have questions specifically about the text-to-pledge?

Please contact Ryan Haliday at


How do I share the event on social media?

We’re so glad you asked! Click here to find pictures and language about the event, so you can share your support with your friends, family and followers.


What if I miss part of the event?

Don’t worry. We’ll follow up a few days after the event with link to a recording. If you don’t receive it, or have follow-up questions, please contact Kathryn Williams at