Ethics & Compliance

International Medical Corps works to the highest standards of integrity. We have a zero tolerance approach to all forms of fraud, bribery, and corruption.

International Medical Corps and Ethics and Compliance

To support this zero tolerance approach and to provide assurance that the International Medical Corps’ ethical standards contained in its Code of Conduct & Ethics are upheld, the International Medical Corps’ Committee for Compliance, Audit and Risk Management, a committee of the Board of Directors, has appointed Cornelis Klumper as its Chief Audit & Compliance Officer to ensure that International Medical Corps has a living, effective compliance program.

The International Medical Corps Ethics and Compliance Department helps make sure that International Medical Corps, its employees, directors, officers, consultants, suppliers and other business partners respect and uphold the standards in its Code of Conduct & Ethics, as well as the legal, regulatory and donor requirements under which we operate. The Ethics and Compliance Department receives reports of suspected violations and investigates them as appropriate. It emphasizes throughout the organization the importance of ethics and compliance and International Medical Corps’ non-retaliation policy that protects anyone who makes a good faith report of any suspected misconduct.

International Medical Corps’ Chief Internal & Compliance Officer reports directly to International Medical Corps’ Board of Directors Compliance, Audit and Risk Committee, as well as to the President & CEO and can be contacted at

Reporting and Whistleblowing

Anyone, including members of the general public, who suspects that International Medical Corps, or any of its employees, directors, officers, consultants, suppliers, or other business partners, is not respecting or upholding any part of the International Medical Corps standards in its Code of Conduct & Ethics is encouraged to report the matter to or to use the anonymous reporting hotline at

International Medical Corps actively encourages its employees to speak up, and it has a policy that prohibits any retaliation against any employee making a good faith report of suspected unlawful or unethical conduct.


It is the policy of International Medical Corps to safeguard and protect populations with whom we work, including children and adults who may be particularly vulnerable. International Medical Corps has policies on child safeguarding, on protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, on safeguarding adults at risk and on preventing trafficking in persons. International Medical Corps safeguards populations by creating awareness among staff of what safeguarding violations are; by prohibiting safeguarding violations; and by enforcing mechanisms to address complaints about suspected safeguarding violations. International Medical Corps recognizes that all beneficiaries of our programs have the right to be protected from safeguarding violations, and strives to incorporate protection measures within our programming.

For more information, please review the International Medical Corps Global TIP Compliance Plan.