First There, No Matter Where

A preeminent First Responder, we provide emergency relief often within hours to those hit by disaster, no matter where they are, no matter what the conditions.

Speed saves lives

Teams arrive within first 72 hours

Remote areas

Lifesaving work in challenging environments

7,500+ staff

More than 97% of the staff are local

38 Years

More than 80 countries on 6 continents


From the beginning we have used training to build both confidence and self–reliance among those we assist. Drawing on more than three decades of experience, we train people in their communities, providing them the skills needed to recover from the adversity disasters bring, chart their own path to self-reliance and become effective First Responders themselves.

Building self-reliance

Pass essential skills into local hands

Multiply Impact

Healthcare workers go on to train and treat millions of others

Ownership over Recovery

Shape their own future as they rebuild


Training certificates awarded

Our Work

We integrate our core strengths into programs shaped to assist local communities and others we work with, including local, regional and national government and non-government groups, as they make the journey from relief to self-reliance. Training underpins all of what we do.

Partnerships & Research

We work with a variety of partners in both the public and private sectors, always with the goal to provide better healthcare and related services to those in vulnerable communities looking to build better lives for themselves and their children. We’re continually improving our programs by measuring quality and performance and conducting research.

Building a Better Response

Capacity strengthening of NGO staff

Mental Health Research

Supporting survivors of conflict and disease

FedEx Partnership

Speeding assistance to survivors of disaster

Ebola Virus Disease Partners

Building a more effective response to the next outbreak