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All vendors must register with International Medical Corps prior to being awarded a contract.

If you are not already an International Medical Corps registered vendor please send back the following documents, after they are fully completed, signed, stamped and dated, under the Resources and Documents section:

  • Vendor Registration Form – please provide information and documentation as listed on the form
  • International Medical Corps Master Terms and Conditions – please confirm acceptance of the same by signing the Terms and Conditions. For questions or clarifications regarding Terms and Conditions please contact a member of the logistics department at:
  • Vendor Code of Conduct – confirm adherence to the Vendor Code of Conduct by returning this form fully completed and signed

Only the vendor’s authorized representative can sign above documents.

Note that for certain categories of supplies or services, International Medical Corps may require a physical inspection prior to considering your company as registered.

For vendors who are licensed to sell and distribute medical commodities (pharmaceuticals, medical consumables and medical equipment), International Medical Corps has an additional mandatory step on top of the registration requirement, called Vendor Prequalification.

Vendor Prequalification (or Vetting) is a quality assurance process that International Medical Corps uses to determine if medical suppliers meet MQAS (GSP, GDP).

International Medical Corps Prequalification can be done following one of two processes:

  1. Based on current/valid medical license issued by WLA (WHO-Listed Authorities) regulatory body (list of WHO Listed Authorities WLAs) or
  2. Based on physical prequalification process (visit to vendor premises) by our four-person team. Note: For this, the vendor would need to be physically located (registered and licensed) in one of the countries where we have a registered office. A list of those countries can be found here: Where We Work | International Medical Corps

If a vendor is not a WLA-country certified supplier (only Level 4 maturity-level countries are acceptable) and/or is not physically present (registered and licensed) in a country where International Medical Corps has a presence, we will likely not consider the vendor’s application.

Please send registration documents to email address as indicated in ITT (Invitation to Tender)/RFQ (Request for Quotation) you intend to participate. In case you wish to register in advance and not related to any currently published tender please send signed and filled in forms to

You are formally registered only after positive confirmation received by International Medical Corps. International Medical Corps reserves the right to reject any registration without explanation.

Please get familiar with the contents of the website and related documents found in the Resources and Documents section.

Resources and Documents

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Reporting of Fraud & Unethical Behavior:

To report fraud and unethical behavior:

  • File a report online at EthicsPoint, Inc. or
  • Contact for further instruction
  • Reports may also be made to or