A preeminent first responder, we provide emergency relief often within hours to those hit by disaster, no matter where they are, no matter what the conditions.


Working with the World Health Organization (WHO), International Medical Corps is leveraging its relationships with local and national ministries of health in more than 30 countries to provide expertise, equipment, training, and triage and treatment services. We are focused on regions where the disease has spread or where populations and health systems are particularly vulnerable.


Ebola Outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo

International Medical Corps’ Emergency Response Team is on the ground in affected areas to support a multi-disciplinary response to the latest Ebola epidemic in the DRC, now the second-largest in history.


Syria Crisis

Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon

Syria’s civil war, now in its 10th year, has claimed some 500,000 lives and sparked the largest population exodus since World War II, with 6.6 million displaced inside Syria and about 5.5 million seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Many of those displaced inside Syria lack even the most basic assistance, in what has become the largest and most complex humanitarian catastrophe in our world today.


Conflict, Hunger and Disease in Yemen

The United Nations calls Yemen the world's worst humanitarian disaster, with one-third of its 29 million people "one step from famine and starvation" and twice that number lacking access to adequate healthcare.


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