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Training First Responders in Mosul

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Cholera is spreading in Mozambique in the wake of Cyclone Idai

It’s been three weeks since a fierce tropical cyclone tore through Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, killing hundreds and leaving 600,000 people displaced. Now, as cholera begins to spread among the victims of Cyclone Idai, relief workers are worried a “second disaster” is on the horizon.

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She’s a Mother of Six, a Refugee and on a Mission to Empower Women

Nyabong Puok is a 35-year-old South Sudanese mother of six living in Jewi Refugee Camp, in Ethiopia’s Gambella region. She is one of thousands of South Sudanese who fled their homes seeking a safe place where they and their families could settle and start a new life.

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What disasters reveal about mental-health care

By official estimates, 1.4m people have poured into Jordan from Syria’s civil war alone. Disaster-relief groups like the International Medical Corps, which runs the Jabal Amman clinic, came to help.

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The Daily Beast

Ebola Doctor’s War Zone Dispatch: Looting, Kidnappings and Mistrust

Rigo Fraterne Muhayangabo is a Congolese doctor who has spent years working with the International Medical Corps on Ebola crisis responses. Muhayangabo spoke with The Daily Beast to explain what it’s like to fight a lethal outbreak—especially when the local community pushes back—and how working in the throes of an active war zone has made that …

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Driven to ‘help my women’, a midwife in limbo in S.Sudan

In a small classroom in Juba, male and female students listen attentively as Grace Losio launches into a lesson on what it takes to be a midwife. Like Losio, many of the students have come here with a passion.

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Why Does Ebola Keep Spreading In Congo? Here’s A Major Clue

Dr. Cimanuka Germain of International Medical Corps, which is helping with the effort, says private clinics sometimes resist the help. For instance, when he told the staff of one clinic that they should report suspected Ebola cases to a hotline instead of treating them, their response was: “This is not possible for us.”

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Massachusetts General Hospital

Disaster Response Teams Busy at Home and Abroad

A total of 14 Mass General employees provided hundreds of hours of medical care domestically and abroad while serving as volunteers with International Medical Corps, Americares and the U.S. Southern Command.

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Election Chaos Is Making History’s Second-Largest Ebola Outbreak Worse

Citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo, site of an expanding Ebola outbreak, are set to hear the results of their long-delayed presidential election on Sunday. Violence and instability in the lead-up to the Dec. 30 voting has already interrupted efforts to rein in what is the second-largest Ebola outbreak ever.

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Ravaged by Ebola and war, Congo named most neglected crisis of 2018

With an Ebola epidemic raging and millions caught in a forgotten “catastrophe” of conflict and hunger, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was the most neglected crisis of 2018, according to an annual Thomson Reuters Foundation poll of aid agencies. This year’s survey was unusual for the high number of “most forgotten crises”, with experts also …

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