A Decades-Long Partnership to Serve Humanity

From US government ally to International Medical Corps’ senior advisor, William Garvelink reflects on his legacy.

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With our gratitude and best wishes for 2022

The challenges of 2021 have underscored the importance of global health. Together, we will continue doing our part to create a healthier, safer world. We're deeply grateful for supporters like you, and we wish you happiness and health in the coming year.

Beirut Emergency Response: One Year Overview

On August 4, 2020, Beirut experienced a massive explosion that ripped through the entire city. Hours after the explosion, International Medical Corps teams were on the ground to support survivors. Within the first two weeks, we reached more than 54,000 women, men and children.

EMT verification at Disaster City

International Medical Corps went through the WHO’s Emergency Medical Team (EMT) verification process at Disaster City in Texas, becoming the only non-governmental organization to be classified by the WHO as both a Fixed and a Mobile Type 1 provider. An EMT Type 1 is a self-sufficient outpatient health facility with the trained staff, supplies and systems needed to function in the aftermath of a sudden-onset disaster for at least two weeks before it must be resupplied. Such facilities must be able to be set up and ready to receive patients within 48 hours of an assignment.

Thank You

Your support of our work in 2020 has made it possible for us to respond to COVID-19 across the United States and around the world, to support people and health facilities following the explosion in Lebanon and to continue providing lifesaving health services and training worldwide to communities experiencing conflict, disaster and crisis.

Thankful for You

For more than 36 years, supporters like you have been helping us save lives. Thank you!

Annual Awards Celebration Performance by Ben Harper

If you missed our Annual Awards Celebration, take a moment to enjoy this exclusive performance from Ben Harper, one of our longtime supporters. Ben and his wife Jaclyn have gone to the field with us and seen first-hand the needs of the communities we serve and the impact that our supporters have on the lives of people in crisis.

Medical Surge during COVID-19 and Flu Season

International Medical Corps and the Florida Association of Community Health Centers (FACHC) have partnered to deliver a two-part webinar series on pressing concerns for health centers as they approach both influenza season and vaccination campaign planning for COVID-19. Building upon the lessons learned from the pandemic to date, these sessions on risk communication and medical surge intend to enhance health centers’ capabilities to communicate effectively and shift operations in response to evolving situations. Presenters also share available resources, including planning templates that can be adapted to meet a health center’s unique needs. This 1-hour webinar explores the four components of surge – space, staff, stuff, and systems – and relates best practices on preparing health centers for medical surge resulting from a large-scale infectious disease response. Planning considerations for vaccination points-of-dispensing using surge sites are also addressed. Speakers for this session include Dr. Natalie Moore, MD, MPH; Gianna Van Winkle, MBA, and leadership from the Community of Health Centers of Pinellas, Inc., to speak about their COVID-19 response. Click here to view part one, Risk Communication and Coordinating with Response Partners.

War & Grace WHO Panel: How to tell strong stories about nurses and midwives

Watch a panel discussion featuring our award-winning short film about midwifery in South Sudan, “War & Grace,” and a conversation between filmmaker Sonia Lowman, midwife Grace Losio Tindilo and Elizabeth Iro, Chief Nursing Officer at the World Health Organization. The discussion covers the daily reality of nurses and midwives and the wide range of work they have to do, from prevention measures to providing treatment—being often the first and only point of care in their communities—as well as the lifesaving impact of training midwives in South Sudan. “War & Grace” won the GRAND PRIX for the film category about nurses and midwives in the Health for All Film Festival 2020. International Medical Corps has been working in South Sudan since the mid-1990s, nearly 20 years before a national referendum led the southernmost states of Sudan becoming an independent country in 2011. Women and children’s health is one of our main program areas around the world.