Helping Children in Gaza Break Free from Fear and Shame

Our child-protection programming helps children overcome emotional distress caused by violence and discover self-confidence.

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The Humanitarian Impacts of Climate Change

Climate change is already affecting the frequency and severity of natural disasters, such as droughts, heatwaves, wildfires, storms and floods. Communities across the world—including in the United States—are facing repeated, widespread disruption and loss of livelihoods, resources and support systems, which undermines resilience and increases risk. For vulnerable communities and those already facing conflict, displacement and disease, climate change is leading to prolonged states of crisis. In this video, International Medical Corps experts discuss the health-related impacts of climate change, and how it will change humanitarian operations.

Breaking News – Libya Flooding

Senior Director of International Programs David Eastman talks about the need for resources and coordinated efforts in Derna devastated by the flood.

Updates from the Field: Sudan

International Medical Corps’ emergency briefing about the current conflict in Sudan and its humanitarian impacts inside the country and across the region. Hear updates from our team about current challenges, and how International Medical Corps is helping women, children and men whose lives are being threatened by the fighting. Learn more about our response in Sudan.

Marking Twelve Years of War in Syria

March 15, 2023, marks 12 years since the start of the Syrian conflict. We’ve been providing healthcare services to vulnerable people in Syria since 2008. In addition to supporting people displaced by conflict, we’re providing emergency support to survivors of the recent earthquake.

Ukraine One-Year Briefing

Our in-country experts talk about how International Medical Corps has helped the people of Ukraine over the last year, as well as the challenges that lie ahead.