Cost of the Diet Analysis in Bria, Central African Republic

Dietary habits and food costs are key determinants of a household’s capacity to meet energy and nutrition needs. International Medical Corps conducted a Cost of the Diet (CotD) study among internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities of Bria Town and PK3 IDP camp in Haute Kotto region of CAR in November 2018 to determine whether communities could meet energy and nutrient requirements through food assistance (20-day ration) and purchases of locally-available foods. Results show that, for a typical family of nine, a ‘nutritious diet’ and a ‘food habits nutritious diet’ (meets energy and nutrient requirements and is acceptable) are both available in the rainy season. However, for poor and very poor families, even meeting basic energy needs is unaffordable. Extending food rations to 30 days, plus the provision of free vegetables (through kitchen gardens and other possible means), would make all diets affordable to all wealth groups. Multisector collaboration and advocacy, including military support for access to insecure areas, is needed to enable this.

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  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA)