Community Outreach Worker Serves as Role Model for Young Ethiopian Women

Azeb is an engaging young woman. Quick to laugh, people warm to her easily and she reciprocates shyly but with confidence. At 25, Azeb is the leader of an ever-growing network of youth groups in Damut Pullasa, Wolayita who are trained by International Medical Corps to educate their communities, and the youth in particular, on sexual and reproductive health.

Azeb’s group, which has grown from 30 to 150 members in just 6 months, meets bi-weekly and discusses issues related to young people’s health and wellbeing. Trained by International Medical Corps, Azeb leads sessions on sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, HIV/AIDs and more.

Azeb also acts as a “big sister” to some of her flock, who turn to her when things go wrong. She mentions a younger member of the group who, upon realizing that she was pregnant, turned to Azeb for help, recognizing the strength of the support system of which she was a part. Azeb helped the girl to understand her options and worked with her and her family to help her through the difficult time.

“Times,” says Azeb, “have changed…women are not seen as a thing now; we have equality.” This is one of the issues that she is eager to help her sisters with—to look to a future not only of marriage, but to make something of themselves. With International Medical Corps’ help, Azeb is learning the skills necessary to become a true leader for her community, as well as a role model for girls who sometimes feel lost or without choices.

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