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Women’s Self Defense in Lebanon

With rates of gender-based violence (GBV) still staggeringly high in every nation across the globe, it’s easy to feel vulnerable as a woman. A violent attack can come from anywhere at any time; from someone you know intimately or someone you’ve never met. In a country like Lebanon, fragile political dynamics and a massive refugee crisis only add to the insecurity. But with the right knowledge and skills, women can be better prepared to protect themselves and their children.

Our women’s self-defense trainings in Lebanon—a country that ranks extremely low in gender equality—teach Syrian refugees and Lebanese women how to mitigate safety risks and effectively respond to violence. By understanding their rights and techniques to keep themselves safe, these women are able to transform fear into empowerment. The following video demonstrates this powerful process, and will be used to reach many more women across the country.

Facts about Gender-Based Violence in Lebanon:

  • 65% of reported incidents are committed by family members, and 71% took place inside the survivor or perpetrator’s household.
  • 18% of reported cases on GBV involve incidents of sexual violence, of which 8% are rape.

Source: UNFPA, 2017