The situation in Libya continues to deteriorate, as militia groups gain ground in the capital and intense fighting continues in Benghazi. In all International Medical Corps sites, staff report increases in food and fuel prices, putting pressure on local NGOs to provide basic relief items to vulnerable populations, including migrants and non-Libyans.

International Medical Corps continues to coordinate with UNHCR and local NGO partners to implement an emergency response, distributing medical supplies and relief items to thousands of people in Tripoli. International Medical Corps sent hygiene supplies for approximately 2,000 internally displaced families to Zawiya. Our team sent a second shipment on September 20 of hygiene materials and food for 1,400 displaced people.

The Community Development Center in Seraj has been reopened for the persons of concern living in communities, with International Medical Corps managing primary health service. This is a temporary set up based on guarantee of security for the center by local authorities.

In Misrata, International Medical Corps activities in the detention centers and the GBV project continue implementation without interruption. Reception centers in Misrata are overcrowded with migrants and non-Libyans who are sent there by the Libyan power in Triopli to be deported. International Medical Corps continues to provide primary health services to the reception centers in an attempt to alleviate the effects of overcrowded conditions at the centers


  • Population

    6.2 Million

  • age

    Median Age
    27.5 Years

  • life

    Life Expectancy
    76 Years

  • life

    Fertility Rate
    2.07 children per mother

  • Infant Mortality Rate

    Infant Mortality Rate
    11.87 deaths/1000 live births


  • Population

    Emergency Response and Preparedness

  • Population

    Family and Community Health

  • Population

    Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

  • Population

    Women's and Children's Health

  • Population

    Health Services Support


Libya Capabilities Statement

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