Dr. Michael Paterson’s Top of the World Challenge

Dr. Michael Paterson is no stranger to big challenges. He deployed as a volunteer with International Medical Corps to help COVID-19 patients in New York City last spring. Now, he is taking on a new challenge—climbing Mt. Everest—and raising funds to help save lives. You can help! Give today to support Dr. Paterson and help us respond right away to emergencies, whenever and wherever they happen.

What do medicine and mountain climbing have in common? The wrath of nature, the threat of death—and the courage to face both, according to Dr. Michael Paterson, an affable and driven 25-year veteran of the emergency room.

“Emergency medicine incorporates a lot of the philosophies of wilderness exploration and adventure,” he says. “You have to be able to respond to whatever’s happening in front of you in the wilderness, whether it’s an avalanche, a flood or an unexpected snowstorm that traps you at the top of Denali for a week.”

The Challenge

An experienced climber, Dr. Paterson is challenging himself to a feat that few have accomplished: summiting Mount Everest. What’s more, he is attempting to climb the 29,032-foot mountain without supplemental oxygen, which—at the age of 64—would make him the oldest person to do so if he succeeds. Along the way, he is raising money for International Medical Corps, in an effort to tie together two of his passions: emergency medicine and wilderness adventure.

“Working with International Medical Corps in New York City last April allowed me to contribute to and see first-hand its operations, and commitment to helping where needed most,” he explains. “In 2014, during the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, I witnessed its operations overseas and was impressed with the organization’s commitment and professionalism. There are many organizations that strive to help and make a positive impact during disasters, but I am confident that International Medical Corps is a world leader in its responses.”

Notes from supporters

Join the Top of the World Challenge

Dr. Paterson is challenging you to join him and support International Medical Corps’ lifesaving work. Your gift will save lives and help relieve suffering in the wake of natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and war and conflict. Giving to International Medical Corps helps provide medical care, access to clean water and sanitation, food to treat and prevent malnutrition, mental health services, life-changing training and so much more, in some 30 countries all over the world.  And you can leave Dr. Paterson a message of support when you do!

A Colorado ER doctor prepares for the climb of a lifetime while raising money for global relief efforts

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