Press Release

Facebook’s Donate Feature to Raise Funds for International Medical Corps’ Nepal Earthquake Response

To help those affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal, today Facebook launched a Donate feature to raise funds for International Medical Corps’ emergency response efforts for the significant humanitarian needs following the disaster.

International Medical Corps’ response teams are on the ground in Nepal working to deliver lifesaving medicines and supplies, coordinating with local and international partners and conducting assessments near the epicenter of the quake. The organization is also deploying additional staff and resources to support relief efforts and will be operating mobile medical units in the hardest-hit areas. Many health facilities are damaged or destroyed and those that are functioning are running low on supplies including antibiotics and IV fluids.

“Facebook’s unparalleled global network will be critical in providing lifesaving support for survivors of the devastating earthquake in Nepal,” said Nancy A. Aossey, President & CEO of International Medical Corps. “We are extremely grateful for Facebook’s Donate feature which will raise funds to help International Medical Corps’ first responders reach more survivors of this catastrophic disaster with medical care and supplies.”

The Nepal earthquake has resulted in more than 3,800 deaths and extensive damage to homes and infrastructure. Powerful aftershocks continue to strike areas already reeling from the quake, resulting in additional injuries, damage to buildings and avalanches on Mount Everest. In addition to medical care, health officials on the ground are concerned about the potential for outbreaks of waterborne illnesses and other communicable diseases. International Medical Corps teams will be distributing essential supplies including hygiene kits and water purification tablets.

International Medical Corps has extensive experience in the region and has responded to the Pakistan earthquake in 2005, the Haiti earthquake in 2010, the Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the Indian cyclone in 2013 and cyclones in the Philippines in 2013 and 2014.

Help us save lives.