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Training First Responders in Mosul

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Hurricane Dorian: Al Jezeera

Al Jezeera travels to High Rock, Grand Bahama, to describe the situation there after Hurricane Dorian destroyed most of the town’s infrastructure, including its health clinic, and talks to volunteers and staff at the International Medical Corps mobile clinic.

Hurricane Dorian: PBS Newshour

Hurricane Dorian slammed into the northwest Bahamas in early September as a Category 5 storm, causing significant damage. Now that the storm has passed, International Medical Corps' emergency response team is working with government and local agencies to assess how best to help people affected. Here, team lead Susan Mangicaro talks to Judy Woodruff about International Medical Corps' plans and capabilities.

From Relief to Recovery and Resilience

“In 100 years here in Puerto Rico, we have never seen a hurricane like Maria.” – Cesar, Puerto Rico On September 5, 2017, the first of two fierce storms blasted across the Atlantic basin. Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm on record in the Atlantic, maintained maximum intensity as a Category 5 hurricane for 37 hours—knocking …

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The Guardian

Ebola now curable after trials of drugs in DRC, say scientists

Ebola can no longer be called an incurable disease, scientists have said, after two of four drugs being trialled in the major outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were found to have significantly reduced the death rate.


Working with Local Partners, International Medical Corps Helps Indonesians Recover from Sulawesi Earthquake

International Medical Corps and two local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have handed over 137 new housing units to villagers in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi Province who were displaced by powerful earthquakes and a tsunami that struck the region in September 2018. More than 2,000 people died in the disaster, another 1,000 remain officially listed as missing and …

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Childbirth in Darfur: A Mother’s Journey to Safety

It’s July 2018 and, through no fault of her own, Hawa and her unborn baby are in real danger. The 17-year-old mother-to-be has gone into labor in her final trimester, as expected—but after three days of labor pains, she still hasn’t given birth, and time is running out. Hawa is from Golo, a rural area …

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“Stepping Out of My Dark Room”

“My life was dark. I spent most of the time in my room and wouldn’t let anyone in.” This is how Ali—a 21-year-old Syrian refugee living in Turkey—described his life just a few months ago. Given what Ali has been through, his outlook on life isn’t that surprising. Ali was forced from his home in …

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International Medical Corps-Backed Research Sheds New Light On Ebola Treatment

Early treatment of Ebola patients with vitamin A supplements led to reduced mortality among those diagnosed with the deadly virus, according to an International Medical Corps-supported research study published earlier this month. The study, which appeared in the Journal of Nutrition, was one of three such research papers published in recent months based on data …

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