Press Release

Qatar Charity Awards International Medical Corps $2.3 Million to Deliver Humanitarian Relief in Syria, Sierra Leone and Central African Republic

International Medical Corps will immediately scale up health care and training programs to help those affected by the conflicts in Syria and Central African Republic and to help contain the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone with $2.3 million in collaborative funding from Qatar Charity. With the common mission to assist and strengthen the capacity of vulnerable communities worldwide, International Medical Corps and Qatar Charity formed a global strategic partnership earlier this year that will allow the organizations to maximize their reach in humanitarian hotspots worldwide.

“Thanks to Qatar Charity’s generosity, compassion and commitment to human dignity worldwide, this timely award will help us rapidly expand to meet these increasing humanitarian needs,” said Nancy A. Aossey, President & CEO of International Medical Corps. “Joining forces with a leading global organization like Qatar Charity will make a tremendous impact in our emergency response, and in establishing programs that will have long-term, sustainable results. As the conflicts in Syria and Central African Republic wear on, putting countless families at great risk, and the Ebola outbreak intensifies in Sierra Leone, it is imperative that the international community react swiftly.”

“Sadly, we are all aware of the increasing human suffering from natural and human-made disasters,” stated Yousuf bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Charity. “Qatar Charity is pleased to be taking our partnership forward with International Medical Corps in order to address the often overlooked and certainly underserved and under-resourced emergency health sector. We are especially concerned with the Ebola outbreak throughout West Africa and its danger to not only the rest of Africa but the entire world requiring coordinated, sustained efforts from a variety of actors. The fact that International Medical Corps is a leader in tackling this outbreak and serving other at-risk communities throughout the world including those in the Central African Republic and Syria encourages us to join forces in this emergency response.”

Syria Crisis
Now in its fourth year, the conflict in Syria has resulted in 6.5 million displaced people, 50% of whom are children. Due to disruptions in routine health care, overcrowding of living areas due to displacement and damage to water and sanitation infrastructure, many are at high risk of communicable and preventable diseases. International Medical Corps, with support from Qatar Charity, will provide lifesaving health care to Syrian children displaced by the conflict.

Sierra Leone Ebola Outbreak
An unprecedented outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has spread to four countries with cases confirmed in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria. As of September 13, there were more than 1,600 confirmed cases and 511 deaths in Sierra Leone due to Ebola. Through funding from Qatar Charity, International Medical Corps will implement and manage an Ebola Treatment Unit in Lunsar, Sierra Leone. Leveraging its experience managing a 70-bed Ebola Treatment Unit in Liberia, the organization will work to safely and effectively implement case management and isolation services for the rapidly rising number of Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.

Central African Republic Conflict
Against a backdrop of persistent political instability, poor health indicators and damaged health infrastructure, Central African Republic has experienced high levels of violence since December 2012. As of September 2014, almost half a million internally displaced people were recorded in the country. With support from Qatar Charity, International Medical Corps will immediately rehabilitate damaged primary health care clinics and improve safe water and sanitation facilities in Bornou, Haute-Kotto, resulting in improved access for nearly 10,000 conflict-affected people.

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