For Hurricane Dorian Survivors, Emotional Distress Lingers

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Fighting COVID-19 in Chicago

Dean Yien, RN, talks about the situation at Vista Medical Center East in Chicago, IL, where he volunteered with International Medical Corps.

SRUs, Developed to Fight Ebola, Can Help Contain COVID-19

In the midst of the West African Ebola outbreak of 2014–2015, International Medical Corps teams developed a simple but effective low-tech way to detect the highly contagious virus early. Now, we are adapting that same idea in many parts of the world to track and contain the spread of COVID-19. Known as screening and referral …

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Building a Rapid Response to COVID-19 in Libya

Even before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11, International Medical Corps had been assisting Libya’s National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) to fill gaps in its capacity. Among those gaps was the agency’s inexperience in responding to a major healthcare crisis, especially one involving new and emerging infectious …

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Spectrum News 1

Our President & CEO Nancy Aossey talks with Giselle Fernandez of Spectrum News about International Medical Corps' COVID-19 response in the United States, our work around the world and the history of our organization that has prepared us for this response.