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Training First Responders in Mosul

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Ebola now curable after trials of drugs in DRC, say scientists

Ebola can no longer be called an incurable disease, scientists have said, after two of four drugs being trialled in the major outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were found to have significantly reduced the death rate.

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International Medical Corps-Backed Research Sheds New Light On Ebola Treatment

Early treatment of Ebola patients with vitamin A supplements led to reduced mortality among those diagnosed with the deadly virus, according to an International Medical Corps-supported research study published earlier this month. The study, which appeared in the Journal of Nutrition, was one of three such research papers published in recent months based on data …

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When Treating Ebola, Always Have Water at the Ready

In the scramble to contain a deadly Ebola outbreak spreading across Liberia and two neighboring West African counties with frightening speed in the late summer of 2014, an International Medical Corps emergency response team deployed quickly to confront the epidemic at its source. As our team raced to complete a hospital-like treatment center in central …

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Ebola Doctor’s War Zone Dispatch: Looting, Kidnappings and Mistrust

Rigo Fraterne Muhayangabo is a Congolese doctor who has spent years working with the International Medical Corps on Ebola crisis responses. Muhayangabo spoke with The Daily Beast to explain what it’s like to fight a lethal outbreak—especially when the local community pushes back—and how working in the throes of an active war zone has made that …

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Why Does Ebola Keep Spreading In Congo? Here’s A Major Clue

Dr. Cimanuka Germain of International Medical Corps, which is helping with the effort, says private clinics sometimes resist the help. For instance, when he told the staff of one clinic that they should report suspected Ebola cases to a hotline instead of treating them, their response was: “This is not possible for us.”


Training: The Indispensable Ingredient Needed to Contain a Deadly Ebola Outbreak in a War Zone

From the time International Medical Corps launched its first assistance program 35 years ago in Afghanistan, training has been the indispensable ingredient of our humanitarian mission. Our early successes in helping those in great need, no matter where they are or what the conditions, reaffirmed the conviction that, to achieve maximum impact, training must begin …

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Election Chaos Is Making History’s Second-Largest Ebola Outbreak Worse

Citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo, site of an expanding Ebola outbreak, are set to hear the results of their long-delayed presidential election on Sunday. Violence and instability in the lead-up to the Dec. 30 voting has already interrupted efforts to rein in what is the second-largest Ebola outbreak ever.