#FirstResponder Voices

Dr. Ali Farouk in Erbil, Iraq

Dr. Ali studied pharmacy at Baghdad University. Along with his parents and siblings, he fled his hometown of Baghdad in 2010 after armed militants kidnapped civilians, including a friend’s father, and set a mosque on fire in his neighborhood. The family fled to Erbil, a relatively safer location. In Erbil, Dr. Ali finished his B.A. in Pharmacy in 2011 and worked in a private pharmaceutical company. Wanting to be more in touch with his own people, especially the vulnerable populations, Dr. Ali joined International Medical Corps in November 2014.

With the refugee crisis, I didn’t want to stand in a pharmacy all day and just sell medicine. I wanted to help. What I like about working with International Medical Corps is the fact that I am not only working in my specialty, but I am also developing strong ties with my patients. The humanitarian aspect in my work is truly an added value. We also reach places where it is difficult for others to be.

Once a father carrying his nine-month old baby girl came running to our clinic. I remember her very well, her name is Asmar. She was suffering from severe dehydration, with rapid heartbeat and unconsciousness. We took her immediately to the hospital. They gave her fluid and saved her life. When Asmar recovered, I felt so relieved and happy.

International Medical Corps is providing relief to help the more than 8.6 million people in need of humanitarian aid in Iraq, including the 3.2 million Iraqis displaced from their homes and more than 250,000 Syrian refugees. In addition to providing primary and emergency medical care, mental health care, and community health and hygiene education, International Medical Corps is also focused on providing training to local health care workers as well as addressing gender-based violence and the protection needs of children.

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