International Medical Corps staff conduct disease-awareness sessions for people relocated due to Cyclone BIparjoy.

June Snapshots 2023

From Ukraine to Pakistan, see the impact you’ve had as a supporter of our work this month.

Helping Those Affected by the Kakhovka Dam Breach

The catastrophic dam breach in southern Ukraine displaced thousands of families and removed a vital source of clean water for hundreds of thousands, adding to the hardship of communities already affected by war. It’s also created an agricultural, environmental and security disaster that will have significant long-term effects.

As people on the frontlines of the war struggle to cope with the flooding and its aftermath, our teams from Dnipro and Odesa are there, delivering water, hygiene kits and other essentials to thousands of people. Learn more about our emergency response in Ukraine.

Providing Relief to People Affected by Cyclone Biparjoy

When Cyclone Biparjoy made landfall, many people in Pakistan were still in the midst of recovering from the 2022 monsoon and the extensive flooding it caused.

More than 65,000 men, women and children were evacuated from Sindh province following the cyclone. Our mobile medical teams are providing medicines, healthcare and other support to people in relief camps.

Supplying Essential Healthcare to Remote Ukrainian Villages

Since invading Ukraine in February 2022, Russian forces have attacked more than 1,000 healthcare facilities, according to the World Health Organization— the highest number recorded by the WHO in any conflict. These attacks have led to a decline in the availability and quality of healthcare in many areas across Ukraine.

In addition to other services, we deploy mobile medical units to reach remote villages that do not have access to health services. One of our mobile medical teams recently visited Dachne, a small village near Odesa, where our staff provided health consultations and medicines to people who hadn’t had access to healthcare in months.

Remembering Refugees Worldwide

Mashallah, a refugee from Syria, with her daughter.
Mashallah, a refugee from Syria, with her daughter.

The number of displaced people worldwide has reached 103 million, an unprecedented number that is difficult to fathom. To understand, it helps to keep in mind that each refugee is an individual who has their own unique story of resilience and survival. On June 20, World Refugee Day, we remembered the millions of people forced to leave their homes.

We remain committed to supporting refugees by providing emergency relief to people forced out of their homes by conflict, disaster and disease. Hear from refugees themselves by clicking the link.

Meeting Mental Health Needs in Afghanistan

Natural disasters, war and the COVID-19 pandemic have had major effects on the mental health of people in Afghanistan. Due to the limited availability of mental health services in the country, people can struggle with depression and anxiety for extended periods of time without any support.

An International Medical Corps staff member (right) provides a community member with mental health and psychosocial support.
An International Medical Corps staff member (right) provides a community member with mental health and psychosocial support.

That’s why our mobile health team in Afghanistan provides group and individual counseling sessions, helping people to cope with the many challenges of living in a conflict-ridden country with limited job opportunities and few support resources.

Supporting Mothers in Ukraine

Our Ukraine team organized a day of informative lectures for pregnant women and mothers with children under 2, covering a variety of topics ranging from nutrition, to preparing for childbirth, to breastfeeding.

To make sure that families are aware of the different kinds of support available to them, the team also highlighted the full range of services International Medical Corps provides.

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