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International Medical Corps Prepares for Gaza Response as Violence Escalates in the Region

International Medical Corps is on the ground in Gaza and ready to address critical humanitarian needs arising from escalated violence in the region. We are preparing for an emergency response that will likely include medical assistance, mental health and psychosocial support, and psychological first aid. International Medical Corps has relocated members of our staff to Jerusalem for safety and to coordinate our humanitarian emergency response as needed.

International Medical Corps is reaching out to partners in the region to mobilize essential medicines and supplies. As more information becomes available and humanitarian space opens up, International Medical Corps will provide relief to civilians adversely impacted by the violence.

With an established presence in the Middle East and a strong network of local partners, International Medical Corps is well-positioned to deliver rapid and effective emergency relief to vulnerable populations in the region. In late 2008, we responded to a humanitarian crisis in Gaza in the aftermath of heightened conflict there. In partnership with the Jordan Health Aid Society, our five mobile medical teams served affected communities in different parts of Gaza. The teams included primary health care practitioners cross-trained in mental health service delivery in post-conflict and recovery settings.

International Medical Corps has been on the ground in Gaza since 2008 providing emergency and mental health care and building the capacity of local service providers. In addition to screening and treating patients with severe mental illness and common mental disorders, we have trained local health care workers to identify, manage and refer common disorders such as mood swings and anxiety, as well as more severe afflictions such as schizophrenia. Nearly 40% of patients treated were younger than 15 years old.