Ebola Response


International Medical Corps remains vigilant in our efforts to combat Ebola

International Medical Corps is working to help control the Ebola outbreak at its source and is one of a handful of international NGOs that is treating Ebola patients. International Medical Corps is providing not only treatment for Ebola patients but also training for local Ebola responders and helping bolster non-Ebola health care across the region. Our experts are on the ground in Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, and Sierra Leone.


  • While many people think the fight against Ebola ended long ago, U.S. government and humanitarian relief organizations like the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and International Medical Corps are still fighting to end the most devastating Ebola outbreak in history. Learn more about the #TrendOnThis campaign at TrendOnThis.org
HBO's hit show VICE reports from an Ebola treatment center run by International Medical Corps in Sierra Leone.
International Medical Corps staff talk about the Ebola crisis and what it’s like to work in an Ebola Treatment Unit.


Since the first cases of Ebola were reported in West Africa, we have focused on reaching zero cases.

Our Ebola response consists of a broad range of services, including:

Rebuilding Health Care Infrastructure

International Medical Corps is working to strengthen local non-Ebola health care capacity, which will ensure our relief efforts help now and long into the future. We are supporting screening and referral units (SRUs) at hospitals and clinics, which require all staff, patients and visitors to be screened for Ebola prior to entering the facility. If someone is suspected of having Ebola, the SRU staff immediately isolate the patient and refer them to an Ebola treatment center.


To expand the pool of health workers capable of managing and working in ETUs across the region, International Medical Corps is providing high-quality training for local staff, other partners, and NGOs. International Medical Corps developed a curriculum and a broad-based training strategy to meet critical staffing needs.

Mental Health

Our team plays a key role in providing psychosocial support, counselling, and care to admitted EVD patients and their families at our Ebola treatment units. In addition, our psychosocial experts are reaching out to local communities to discuss Ebola myths and the importance of seeking medical attention if ill. From making follow‐up calls and visits to discharged patients and bereaved families, our psychosocial team is a key component of our response efforts.


International Medical Corps is operating five Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) in West Africa—two in Liberia and three in Sierra Leone. Most of the staff—about 90%—are local health care workers trained in Ebola treatment and prevention.

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Lara Logan reports from our Ebola Treatment Unit in Liberia, where Americans are fighting the battle against the deadly disease.


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