Press Release

International Medical Corps’ Emergency Response Team Continues to Monitor Humanitarian Needs in Ukraine

An International Medical Corps Emergency Response team deployed to Ukraine to monitor health needs as rising violence threatens a large-scale humanitarian crisis. The organization completed an assessment in Eastern Ukraine, focused on emergency medical services and the needs of conflict-affected communities, specifically internally displaced people. The assessment findings, which are directly in line with the United Nations’ joint assessment, highlighted challenges with the availability and accessibility of medicines, medical supplies and equipment. A lack of vaccinations, ambulances and health services – with particular regard to staffing – are of major concern.

International Medical Corps previously worked in Ukraine from 1999-2000, delivering essential medicines to health care facilities and training more than 500 local doctors and medical staff.  The organization has also worked since 2000 throughout the region, implementing programs that aim to improve health and economic well-being in Russian Federation and responding to ethnic clashes in Kyrgyzstan.  As a preeminent First Responder during conflict in Syria, Libya, South Sudan and Darfur, among others, International Medical Corps is well-placed to provide a comprehensive health and humanitarian response in Ukraine.

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