Press Release

International Medical Corps, with Support from FedEx and Abbvie, Deploys Temporary Clinics to PanCare Health for Patients in Need After Hurricane Michael

International Medical Corps is continuing its efforts to help Floridians following the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael, collaborating with FedEx and AbbVie to deliver, set up and outfit two temporary clinics for PanCare Health. The facilities and equipment will enable PanCare Health to continue offering medical and dental services to at-risk populations in Marianna and Panama City who were affected by the storm.

PanCare Health operates a dozen community health centers in the Florida Panhandle. The centers in Marianna and Panama City were heavily damaged by the powerful Category 4 storm, which slammed into the coast on October 10 with winds as high as 155 mph. Thanks to the mobile facilities and medical equipment provided by International Medical Corps, PanCare Health will be able to continue serving the community while it rebuilds the centers—a process that it estimates will take six months.

“The hospitals and equipment provided will help fill a critical gap left by the storm,” said R. Michael Hill, president and CEO of PanCare Health. “Now we can continue to provide primary and urgent care, as well as dental care and mental health support, to people who are already carrying the burden of dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane.”

“FedEx and AbbVie’s support will make an immediate difference in the lives of families still struggling to recover from Hurricane Michael,” said Nancy Aossey, president and CEO of International Medical Corps. “I’m so grateful for our long-standing collaboration with FedEx. Its global logistics and supply-chain expertise has enhanced our ability to respond efficiently and effectively to a range of health emergencies, internationally and domestically. In addition, the financial support provided by the AbbVie Foundation has been key. Together, this collaboration will ensure that PanCare Health can continue to meet the needs of those most affected this storm.”

“We’re proud to use our network to connect organizations, communities and people with the resources they need to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Michael,” said David J. Bronczek, president and chief operating officer of FedEx Corp. “We believe it is our responsibility to provide hope and healing in times of crisis, and are committed to supporting the important work of International Medical Corps.”

“We at AbbVie know that it’s essential for families and communities to have continued access to healthcare before, during and after a disaster,” said Melissa Walsh, AbbVie’s vice president of Corporate Responsibility and Global Philanthropy. “We are happy to support International Medical Corps’ efforts that ensure continuity of service to affected communities like those in the Florida Panhandle.”

As a global first responder with almost 35 years of experience delivering emergency relief in difficult environments, International Medical Corps is ready to respond immediately when disaster strikes. In 2017, International Medical Corps teams were in Florida and Puerto Rico following hurricanes Irma and Maria, providing medical supplies, clean water storage, generators and cash grants to primary healthcare networks, and deploying mobile medical teams to provide primary healthcare in hard-to-reach areas. During 2018’s storm season, International Medical Corps teams responded to both Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, and Hurricane Michael in Florida. In the days immediately following Hurricane Michael, International Medical Corps deployed multiple teams of doctors and nurses at the request of the Florida Department of Health to provide primary healthcare to people affected by the storm and to give local first responders the opportunity to rest and attend to their own losses in the wake of the devastating storm.

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