Family and Community Health

Effective Family and Community Health targets the entire population, including women, children, adolescents and male family members and its all-inclusive nature often makes it the first type of assistance offered to those affected by conflict or natural disasters.

Working with families and communities enables International Medical Corps to ensure a holistic approach to promoting health, preventing disease and ensuring that entire families can survive and thrive. It is an approach that creates more resilient communities, helping the affected families and communities benefit from direct health care services while at the same time developing healthy habits and practices that can endure a lifetime.

International Medical Corps works with the local government and community leaders to engage local residents to identify their own health priorities, their needs and gauge the available local resources. We help mobilize those resources and pass important health care skills into local hands through training, enabling communities to be better prepared to face adversity and be the first to respond effectively to an emergency.


  • We have implemented Family and Community Health programs in nearly 70 countries on five continents over the past 30 years.


  • Community Mobilization
  • Health Worker Training and Supervision
  • Health Education
  • Referral systems
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Infectious Diseases

International Medical Corps works to help vulnerable communities worldwide prevent and respond to infectious diseases (including HIV/AIDS, TB, Cholera, Polio and Malaria) that have the potential to cross borders and become acute public health risks. Infectious diseases including neglected tropical diseases - which affect over 1 billion per year - often thrive in the most impoverished and marginalized communities like remote rural areas, urban slums, conflict zones and refugee settlements, where there is poor sanitation and limited access to safe drinking water and health services.

For 30 years, a significant number of International Medical Corps’ responses have included technical assistance for the treatment and control of epidemic diseases. We have 7,800 staff, including physicians and public health experts, as well as Medical Directors coordinating health interventions worldwide, including pandemic preparedness activities. International Medical Corps was also selected by USAID as lead agency for the PREPARE project to strengthen the capacity of countries in Africa and Asia for disaster management and pandemic preparedness planning.

International Medical Corps Infectious Disease Response:


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HIV/AIDS Capabilities Statement

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