War & Grace WHO Panel: How to tell strong stories about nurses and midwives

Watch a panel discussion featuring our award-winning short film about midwifery in South Sudan, “War & Grace,” and a conversation between filmmaker Sonia Lowman, midwife Grace Losio Tindilo and Elizabeth Iro, Chief Nursing Officer at the World Health Organization.

The discussion covers the daily reality of nurses and midwives and the wide range of work they have to do, from prevention measures to providing treatment—being often the first and only point of care in their communities—as well as the lifesaving impact of training midwives in South Sudan.

“War & Grace” won the GRAND PRIX for the film category about nurses and midwives in the Health for All Film Festival 2020.

International Medical Corps has been working in South Sudan since the mid-1990s, nearly 20 years before a national referendum led the southernmost states of Sudan becoming an independent country in 2011. Women and children’s health is one of our main program areas around the world.

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