International Medical Corps is responding to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Our teams are treating patients and operating Ebola treatment centers that will provide access to treatment to 1.5 million people.

State of the Union

Watch President Obama recognize health workers fighting Ebola including International Medical Corps’ Dr. Pranav Shetty who was invited to attend the State of the Union Address!

International Medical Corps’ Emergency Response Teams are on the ground in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guiena and Mali providing both lifesaving treatment and training.

Our teams are operating four Ebola treatment centers and implementing training programs to equip frontline healthcare workers with the skills needed to stop this outbreak at the source. Through the efforts of Emergency Response Team members like Dr. Pranav Shetty as well as volunteer nurse Kelly Suter, among thousands of other First Responders, International Medical Corps will provide access to treatment for 1.5 million people in West Africa.

To date our Bong County Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) in Liberia has discharged 78 survivors. Nurse Suter gave a firsthand account of just one survivor, baby Josephine.

Over a week ago Korto - an Ebola survivor- and her three-month-old daughter, Josephine, came to the unit by ambulance. Josephine had developed vomiting, diarrhea and a fever hours after Korto was discharged from the confirmed unit of the ETU. Josephine tested positive for Ebola and grew weak and dehydrated quickly. Each time an IV had to be restarted, she fought a little less. Eventually, we had to hold her down and shave half of her beautiful head of hair to place a scalp IV. While not a difficult or uncommon task when caring for babies, that moment carried with it a sense of defeat. Korto had to leave the room and the medical staff were visibly grieved by the task required of them. Despite all, Josephine continued to deteriorate- her tiny little whimpers being heard less and less from the low risk side of the fence. After days of expecting Josephine to pass away, her symptoms suddenly began to disappear. Josephine gradually regained her strength and is now completely symptom free. Her blood tests are almost negative, her cheeks have filled back out and she loves to be carried around by staff in full personal protective equipment. Though not official until her blood test is completely negative - she is the youngest survivor of Ebola to date.

* Baby Josephine did test completely negative at four-months-old and was discharged from our Bong County ETU along with her mother Korto.

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Nurse Kelly Suter

Korto and baby Josephine


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