The Golden Hour

Training First Responders in Mosul

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Expanding an innovative livelihoods program to ease war-fuelled hunger and malnutrition

The governorate of Taizz is both home to Yemen’s third-largest city and a central battleground of its crushing civil war.  Here, the human toll exacted by the seemingly endless conflict is wrenching: severe food shortages, heavily damaged infrastructure and public services, growing malnutrition and what the United Nations calls, “irreversible livelihood asset stripping” as rural …

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

To help the people of war-torn Yemen, James Corden appealed to his viewers to support the work of International Medical Corps in the country.

Samuel Mbuto: Leading with Heart

Samuel Mbuto is full of heart. I hear it immediately. It’s something more than passion or conviction for a cause; it’s a delicate hopefulness and an innate joyfulness built from years of dedication and hard work. As a Nutrition Manager for International Medical Corps, Samuel consistently confronts harrowing starvation in children and, sometimes, devastating loss. …

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Supporting those most vulnerable in Yemen

The fate of young children in war-torn Yemen is captured in one heart-wrenching United Nations statistic:  Every ten minutes, a child under five dies of causes that are easily preventable. A civil war now in its fourth year has destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure, crippled its economic and commercial life and left three quarters …

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Vaccinations save lives

Childhood is a precious time, or at least it should be. Yet, during the war in Yemen at least 5000 children have been killed, hundreds of thousands face malnourishment and virtually all are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. To add to this, only 50% of health facilities are operational and 18% of districts lack …

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Media Coverage

International Organisations in Yemen Aggrieved and Outraged by Attacks on Civilians

Following more indefensible attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure this week, international nongovernment organisations in Yemen strongly condemn an upsurge in violence across the country that is having gross and disproportionate impact on civilian safety, infrastructure and humanitarian space.


Celebrating World Water Day in Yemen and Somalia, Countries Where Water is Both Prized and Precious

International Medical Corps helped residents of Somalia and Yemen celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd, with gatherings at our program sites in both countries that included promoting proper hygiene, sanitation, safe and clean water storage and children’s competitions focusing on the knowledge of good water and hygiene practices. In four districts of South Central …

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