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International Medical Corps & Medical Teams International Partner to Reach Communities Hit Hard by Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines

International Medical Corps and Medical Teams International are working in close collaboration on the ground in the Philippines, where Typhoon Haiyan left widespread devastation, affecting 13.2 million people and displacing 4.4 million. Medical Teams International has provided medical supplies to support International Medical Corps’ emergency response and helped staff the organization’s mobile clinics with doctors, nurses and medics. The two organizations are sharing warehouse space in Cebu, pooling resources on the ground, and combining clinical human resources and logistical capabilities. Together, they are providing critical health services in remote communities impacted by the storm.

“The support of Medical Teams International has been invaluable on the ground in the hardest-hit communities in the Philippines,” said International Medical Corps’ Global Operations Specialist Ognjen Radosavljevic. “In partnership, we have been able to reach far more patients with health services and medical supplies than we otherwise would have, getting help where it’s most needed.”

“We are grateful for International Medical Corps’ partnership and collaboration as we respond to those most impacted by the disaster and with the least access to medical care,” said Paul Bollinger, Medical Teams International’s Senior Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor. “With International Medical Corps’ assistance, we’ve been able to distribute medical supplies to local medical facilities and provide mobile clinics in hard to reach areas, and we will be working together to support care in understaffed hospitals.”

Immediately following the catastrophic typhoon, International Medical Corps deployed an international emergency response team including medical professionals and water and sanitation experts. The organization also recruited local medical volunteers to staff mobile medical units (MMUs) in and around the hardest-hit areas. Through the MMUs, International Medical Corps is delivering health care services, with a special emphasis on child and maternal health; nutrition monitoring; medication; clean water; hygiene awareness and promotion; and psychosocial support and training for frontline health care workers. Support from Medical Teams International has enabled International Medical Corps to scale up its services quickly and reach affected communities that had previously not had assistance. About International Medical Corps

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