Workshop on self-care and resilience in times of hardship.

March Snapshots 2023

From Somalia to Yemen, see the impact you’ve had as a supporter of our work.

Prioritizing Staff Well-Being

Providing humanitarian assistance in disaster and crisis situations can take a toll on the physical and mental health of frontline first responders. Because many of our staff are local to the communities they serve, they often can be directly affected by a crisis at the same time they’re working to provide lifesaving support to people in need.

In the staff wellness room in Kyiv, Ukraine, people can relieve stress with activities and make connections with colleagues.

Recognizing the importance of staff care, we recently launched two new programs focused on improving the well-being of our staff in Ukraine and Ethiopia. Learn more about these programs and our commitment to staff well-being.

Highlighting Women Making History

March was Women’s History Month, so we took time to acknowledge the incredible contributions of women in our organization who are playing their part in history every day by providing critical medical care and support to communities around the world that are experiencing crises.

From doctors and nurses to community health workers and program managers, these women are on the front lines of humanitarian response, often working in challenging and dangerous environments. We are proud to have such strong and dedicated women on our team—and we are grateful for their service to humanity.

Reflecting on 12 Years of Conflict in Syria

As we mark the anniversary of the Syrian conflict, our hearts are heavy with the knowledge of the immense suffering that has taken place over the past dozen years. From the earliest days of the uprising to the violence and displacement that continues today, this conflict has left an indelible mark on the Syrian people and the whole world.

We have been on the front lines of the response to this crisis since the beginning, and have seen first hand the toll that this conflict has taken on families and communities—as well as the incredible resilience and courage of those who continue to endure.

Bringing Joy and Happiness: Celebrating International Day of Happiness

On International Day of Happiness, we celebrated the power of joy and kindness to transform lives.

Whether we are providing medical care and support to refugees and displaced people, helping communities prepare for and respond to disasters, or promoting access to clean water and sanitation, our goal is to alleviate suffering and bring hope to those in need. We are committed to creating a brighter and more hopeful future for all.

Bringing Maternal Healthcare to Pregnant Women in Somalia

Meet Dr. Omar Jama, a passionate and dedicated doctor who has spent his career providing lifesaving medical care to people in some of the world’s most challenging and complex environments. From war zones to refugee camps, Dr. Jama has worked tirelessly to deliver healthcare to those who need it most.

Dr. Omar Jama, OB/GYN in Somalia.
Dr. Omar Jama, OB/GYN in Somalia.

Read more about Dr. Omar Jama’s incredible journey and the impact he has made on the lives of countless people around the world.

Supporting Health in Yemen in the Wake of Conflict

As the world marks another year since the start of the conflict in Yemen, we think of the millions of people in Yemen who continue to suffer from the compounded effects of armed violence, ongoing economic crisis and disrupted public services. Since 2015, we have provided lifesaving health services, nutrition support, and clean water and sanitation to millions of people in Yemen.

Access to soap and clean water for handwashing are simple, yet lifesaving, interventions.
Access to soap and clean water for handwashing are simple, yet lifesaving, interventions.

Despite the ongoing conflict, our teams continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the most vulnerable communities have access to medical care and supplies, clean water and sanitation facilities, knowledge of simple but lifesaving practices such as handwashing, and other essentials for good health — because everyone has a right to lifesaving healthcare, no matter their circumstances.

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