At a WGSS in Malakal, South Sudan, women display their handiwork.

Empowering Women and Girls Around the World

Our gender-based violence teams reduce stigma, promote women’s empowerment and respond to violence in emergency settings.

In times of crisis, violence against women and girls can escalate. International Medical Corps is at the forefront of preventing and responding to gender-based violence (GBV) in countries around the world. Our teams offer community-based services not only to prevent violence but also to reduce stigma for survivors and promote women’s empowerment and economic independence.

At our women’s and girls’ safe spaces (WGSS), visitors seek respite, share their experiences and build support networks. Women and girls can access information and services and learn new skills, some of which can help them earn money. The activities at the WGSS also enable women to sit together, help each other, build relationships and focus on something positive and relaxing. The spaces also give our nutrition teams a place to work with women on breastfeeding techniques and other nutrition challenges, helping women and their children to grow and thrive.

Supporting Economic Independence in Somalia

Learn more about Maryan weaving her way to success in Somalia.

Women Helping Women in Pakistan

Saida Inyat Khattak, former GBV Coordinator in Pakistan, explains her work preventing and responding to gender-based violence.

Building Community in South Sudan

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Helping Women and Children in Ukraine

Learn more about our World Breastfeeding Week Event in Ukraine.

Returnee Shines a Light at Home in Mali

Learn more about social worker and returnee Mariam in Mali.

Supporting Displaced People in Ethiopia

Learn more about Zahara, Sofia and our work in Ethiopia.

International Medical Corps is committed to protecting women and girls from violence and providing programs to help them build community. Last year alone, our teams offered protection and support to more than 1.6 million people living with the threat—or reality—of gender-based violence. Learn more about our Women’s and Children’s Health programs.

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