Snapshots April 2022

From Ukraine to Lebanon, see the impact you’ve had as a supporter of our work this month

Providing Supplies Where They’re Needed Most

Our teams worldwide embody commitment. No matter what obstacles confront them, our staff in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) always find a way to ensure that crucial medicines and supplies reach communities that need them.

In Afghanistan, our teams provide healthcare services to the people of Nuristan province, an area characterized by steep mountains and river gorges, making travel to the area extremely difficult—especially in winter. In the remote village of Doaba, 57 families live without a road. March is the peak of the melting season — when ice melts, and rivers rise — and the community uses a cradle bridge to transport lifesaving supplies.

Providing Relief to People Affected by the War in Ukraine

Because of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, some 24 million need humanitarian assistance. We continue to provide a wide range of medical care in Ukraine, as well as medicine, equipment, supplies and training to healthcare facilities and first responders. We even donated ambulances to hospitals in the war-torn cities of Chernihiv and Kharkiv.

In Poland, we’re partnering with local organizations to provide health, protection, WASH and livelihoods services to those displaced.

Along the Polish–Ukrainian border, we work with Polish Medical Mission to provide first-aid care and ambulatory services to refugees, using mobile medical units. In the video update below, hear more from our Medical Coordinator, Zawar Ali.

Monitoring the Ebola Outbreak in the DRC

We continue to monitor the situation in the DRC, where an Ebola outbreak was declared on April 25, and where patients are being cared for in facilities constructed by International Medical Corps, by staff who were trained by us. Our team is in Mbandaka, ready to support efforts to contain the outbreak if needed. Learn more about our history of fighting Ebola.

Fighting COVID-19 Around the World

With COVID-19 on the rise again in many parts of the world, we continue to support prevention and vaccination efforts globally.

In Lebanon, our team provides home care to COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms. They also conduct COVID-19 awareness sessions and distribute hygiene kits for students.

In Jordan, our community health volunteers in the Azraq refugee camp are helping families realize the importance of immunizing their young children by conducting monthly shelter-to-shelter visits providing health education and by linking residents with medical services provided by us and other organizations in the camp.

Responding to the Tigray Conflict

It has been more than a year since the start of the conflict in northern Ethiopia. Our teams operate 22 mobile medical units that so far have provided 323,108 outpatient consultations to internally displaced persons (IDPs) settled in 37 IDP sites.

Providing Lifesaving Support in Somalia

Somalia’s worst drought in four decades has contributed to an unprecedented water crisis, forcing people to leave their homes and resulting in a shortage of safe drinking water, poor sanitation and outbreaks of disease.

Our team at the Galkacyo Hospital is distributing lifesaving medical supplies, and treating children suffering from acute malnutrition and other nutrition-related diseases.

Delivering Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services in Yemen

Our teams in Yemen are continuing to deliver lifesaving medical assistance, equipment and access to clean water. For example, in Ibb, we ensure that the community has access to clean water by supporting latrine and water-system construction, providing chlorination services and distributing hygiene kits.

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